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  Item 5 from 34 to a category Hetzer / 38t    Back to category

Wheels Hetzer


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Delivery Time: on request (To foreign countries!)

The set consists of 8 wheels with ball bearings, the roller itself is made of aluminum. The inner part are made of resin. The waves have a diameter of 4 mm and are made of silver steel and suitable rubbers are also in. The rollers are adjusted to the ASIATAM chain, but it is also possible the casters for other chains adapt.

Add to Resin parts might be air inclusions can be or a possible rework is necessary.

Scope of delivery:
8x wheels made of aluminum with ball bearing
8x Radinnere of Resin
8x waves
8x gums

* This article may lead to different delivery times *

This product was published on Saturday, 25 April 2015 in our catalogue.

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